This international collaborative research investigated the effects of chiropractic care on strength and fatigue in a group of elite Tae Kwon Do athletes. In this randomised controlled trial the athletes brain waves and muscle strength of the lower limb were measured before and after a single session of chiropractic care or a passive movement control. Outcomes were assessed pre-intervention and at three post intervention time periods; immediately post, post 30-minutes, and post 60-minutes.

The results of this study showed that in this group of athletes, chiropractic care increased strength and cortical drive, and reduced fatigue. The strength findings lasted for 30 minutes and the cortical drive increase persisted for at least 60 minutes1.

1 Lykke Christiansen, T., Niazi, I., Holt, K., Nedergaard, R., Duehr, J., Allen, K., … Haavik, H. (2018). The Effects of a Single Session of Spinal Manipulation on Strength and Cortical Drive in Athletes. European Journal of Applied Physiology.