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Publications 2017

New Zealand Chiropractors’ Perspectives on the Meaning and Assessment of “Quality of Life” in Relation to Chiropractic Practice

Glucina, T (2017)

Scholarly Commons; Auckland University of Technology, Auckland

Interexaminer reliability of seated motion palpation in defined spinal regions for the stiffest spinal site using continuous measures analysis

Holt, K., Russell, D., Young, M., Sherson, M., Haavik, H. (2017)

Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics

Effects of 12 Weeks of Chiropractic Care on Central Integration of Dual Somatosensory Input in Chronic Pain Patients: A Preliminary Study

Haavik. H., Niazi. I.K., Holt. K., Murphy. B. (2017)

Journal of Manipulative and Physical Therapeutics, 40(3):127-138

Impact of spinal manipulation on cortical drive to upper and lower limb muscles

Haavik, H., Niazi, I. K., Jochumsen, M., Sherwin, D., Flavel, S., & Türker, K. S. (2016)

Brain sciences, 7(1), 2

Chiropractic intervention and the control of eye movement in children with Attention Deficit Disorder: A pilot study

Cade, A. (2017)

Auckland University of Technology

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